Podcast on #ChildOnlineProtection with Morna & Moudi

FAQs on Child Online Protection

#OWNit team representatives Moudi Hangula (legal advisor) and Morna Ikosa (corporate affairs practitioner), address the most frequently asked questions on Child Online Protection & ICT.

1. For the purpose of understanding, would you please enlighten us and tell us “Who you are?” (Moudi1A) (Morna1A), Who is CRAN?” (Morna1B) & “What role do you play regarding Child Online Protection?”


2. What is CRAN’s involvement with Child Online Protection(Morna2A) (Moudi2A)

3. Why is COP such a critical topic in addressing the scope and forms of violence? (Moudi3A)

4. What procedure should one go through to report on any activities online that threaten the safety of children? Toll free 116 Helpline? (Morna4A)

5. Which other stakeholders are involved in this plight to put in place comprehensive legislation to ensure protection of victims? (Morna5A)

6. CRAN attended a workshop on Child Online protection recently, what were the key takeaway’s without revealing too much about the stakeholders involved? (Morna6A) (Moudi6A)


7. How does COP relate to the “OWNit?” consumer campaign regarding “Rights & Responsibilities”? (Morna7A)

8. How can they get involved and find information?
Contact information
(www.cran.na or visit Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/BLOG)? (Morna8A)

9. Final words? (Moudi9A)

Join us to learn more about the rights and responsibilities regarding child online protection.

REMEMBER, you have a right to access the internet, but under the supervision of a parent and/or guardian you have a responsibility to treat others with respect online.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.31.56

For more information on Child Online Protection, visit our website www.cran.na

Watch the Media for more information about CRAN’s #OWNit! Campaign and share your experiences with child online protection at facebook.com/CRANamibia.


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