Podcast (on Type Approval) with Lazarus Paulus

FAQs on Type Approval

#OWNit team representative & electronic communications expert, Lazarus Paulus addresses the most frequently asked questions on Type Approval.

1. For the purpose of understanding, would you please tell us what your role is (Q1A), who CRAN is (Q1B) and “What does Type Approval involve?” (Q1C)

2. What is CRAN’s involvement with Type Approval? (Q2)

3. What is the need for Type Approval? (Q3)

4. Can anyone identify what devices are Type-approved? How? (Q4)

5. Is there any punishment for people who use or sell non-type approved products or for suppliers and distributors who fail to get the type approval certificate? (Q5)

6. What procedure should one go through to have their products type-approved? Procedures for Type Approval Complaints? (Q6)

7. What will happen to the devices that were rejected and those that do not conform to the set standards – like devices that do not work on Namibia’s network? (Q7)

8. CRAN held a workshop on Type Approval recently, what were the key takeaway’s without revealing too much about the stakeholders involved? (Q8)

9. How does Type Approval relate to the “OWNit?” consumer campaign regarding “Rights & Responsibilities”? (Q9)

10. Where can consumers & suppliers alike go to get involved and find more information on Type Approval? Contact information www.cran.na (Q10)

REMEMBER, you have a right to purchase handsets or devices, but you also have a responsibility to ensure you only purchase authentic, type approved handsets and devices.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.31.56

For more information on Type Approval, visit our website www.cran.na. Watch the Media for more information about CRAN’s #OWNit! Campaign and share your experiences with counterfeit handsets and devices at facebook.com/CRANamibia.



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