OWNit! Rights & Responsibilities

Are you a great musician? Or painter? Maybe a long-distance runner? Ever wondered what the correlation was between your talent and your responsibility? Would you say the same about your rights and responsibilities as an Information Communications and Technology consumer?

Well, just as you own your quirks and talents, you have the responsibility to cultivate them. As a consumer, you have certain rights in relation to the purchase of an ICT products and or services, all of which are protected by the Namibian constitution.

CRAN regulates the ICT industry, and you as a consumer have a right to be protected, and the responsibility. This is where the OWNit consumer campaign comes into action.


Many consumers feel as if they have little power in the marketplace, especially when they are forced to come into conflict with large and powerful organisations. Thus, in many cases, their rights are violated. To protect themselves against their rights being violated, consumers are advised to know and understand their rights at all times. And in so doing, acknowledge that they are responsible to adhere to these rights.

Engage with CRAN to become informed, protected and educated on these rights and responsibilities.

  • Own Your Right: To understand the role you play as a consumer in, making the right choices when it comes to your ICT connection!
  • Own Your Right: To understanding Type Approval Regulations and Why it’s important!
  • Own Your Right: To understanding Phone etiquette, usage and protection!
  • Own Your Right: To Internet security and usage information and education!
  • Own Your Right: To safe usage of internet and mobile technology for your child!

Every right comes with a responsibility, the same way every quirk or talent comes with a responsibility to nurture and develop it.

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Watch the Media for more information about CRAN’s #OWNit! Campaign and share your experiences with lodging a complaint at facebook.com/CRANamibia.



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